Attic Insulation

In need of an attic upgrade?  Our Insulation team is unmatched in the Ottawa valley for the quality of work they perform. Be it an attic upgrade, spray foam, or Insulation removal project, you will be more than satisfied with our price and quality of work.

At Warm N Cozy we just don't settle for any insulation at the local Home Depot store like other contractors do. We wanted a product that would perform to match our quality level of work.

After extensive research and testing into different products and manufactures to offer you the best in attic insulation, we found Knauf Jet Stream Max blow in wool. With Jet Stream Max you have the following 3 main benefits: Moisture resistance, Naturally fire retardant, and the heaviest density in blow in insulation on the market today. Resulting in superior results and energy saving for you the home owner.

Flawless Installation by Warm N Cozy saving the homeowner money for the life of their home.

Make no mistake, about it with today’s energy prices sky rocketing, this is war.  Seize a tactical advantage and contact Warm N Cozy Insulation today!

R30 Attic upgraded package Includes

  • Ventilation – Proper ventilation of the attic is important to prevent moisture condensation problems in the attic as well as in other parts of your home. In winter, adequate ventilation stops moisture from accumulating and and damaging insulation, wood framing and sheathing. In summer, adequate ventilation can reduce your air conditioning load and costs as well as keep your home more comfortable. Inadequate ventilation in a home can result in mold and mildew, growth that may appear on walls, in closets, on furniture, clothing, other linens and elsewhere.
  • Air Sealing - Seal all light fixtures / protrusions with foam to eliminate rapid heat loss from living space to attic.
  • Insulation - Knauf Jet stream Max filling all gaps and voids, creating a excellent thermal barrier against outside air and better temperature control.

  • Attic Hatch Upgrade...
    1. Most attic hatches are 2'x2' that are not insulated and over looked. That might as well be a 2'x2' hole in your ceiling, it just letting all the condition air you just payed to heated or cooled right into your attic. We apply R20 of closed cell foam to eliminate rapid the heat transfer.
    2. We custom build a Plywood barrier around your attic hatch to contain your insulation from falling on top of the attic hatch.
  • 5 year warranty - We provide you with a 5 year written warranty on materials and labor. 

  • Exceptional customer service

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